The company JAN KOK was founded as a continuation of the activities of the firm ERNESTO STEIN, who where in the market during more than a hundred years, since 1880. This company was devoted to supply overseas ships, exclusively Germans and Scandinavians operating with high degree of efficiency and according to the needs of each era.

With the birth of JAN KOK, the company achieved to encompass all the spectrum of the shipping activity and their its rapid growth of the last two decades. This fact was possible to obtain thanks to the capability of the company to adapt the new requirements of the world market. The modernization of the overseas vessel and the loading operation reduced the demurrage into port from eight landfall days to only a few hours. Our company has demonstrated to be able of lending in that lapse a global supply that previously was lent in a week, optimizing in this way the times and the services offered.

Our company is providing general goods like fruits, vegetables, fresh and frozen meats, Italian and German style cold cuts, dairy and farm products, grocery products, cleaning and chemical products, paints, hardware materials as tools, bearings, gaskets of all types, seals, oxygen, nitrogen, acetylene, freon, all type of anchor chains, steel wires and polypropylene or nylon ropes, etc.

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